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This is the Q-Dive FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) page for diving in Qatar and the region.

This FAQ is intended to provide visitors to Qatar with general information to the questions most frequently asked!


Q: I am a woman, can I walk around in western clothes or must I cover myself? A: Women are safe to walk about without being hassled. Common sense dictates one dresses modestly so-as to not offend. It is best to respect local traditions and customs wherever one travels!

Q: I am a woman, can I wear my new bikini? A: Swimsuit/bikini's should be confined around the hotel beachs, pools, or dive boat/site for both men and women.

Q: I am worried about terrorism! A: There are no threats of terrorism or hard line fundamental extremists at the time of this writing. Qatar has a very large expat community and while one should take standard precautions (whether traveling in Bejing, San Francisco, or Doha), travel to Qatar is quite safe. However, one should always check with their foreign ministry/state department when travelling to ensure they have the most current information.

Q: Can I drink the water? A: Yes, but bottled water tastes better.

Q: What Vaccinations will I require when I travel to Qatar? A: There are no additional vaccination requirements for travel to *Qatar (*source World Health Organization, Jan 2004)

Q: Is it safe for me to eat at local restaurants or should I stick to hotel restaurants and known fast-food establishments? A: Restaurants and street shops in Qatar are under strict food controls, visitors are encouraged to sample local cuisine!

Q: Do the hotels have Air Conditioning? A: Yes, all major hotels have A/C.

Q: Do I need a Visa for Qatar? A: Yes, Visas are required for visitors. You can get a tourist Visa valid for 14 days on arrival at the airport if you are a National of one of the following countries(subject to change): USA, Canada, Belgium, Norway, Finland, Andorra, Malaysia, Great Britain, Australia, Luxemburg, Denmark, Spain, San Marino, Hong Kong, France, New Zealand, Switzerland, Portugal, Monaco, Liechtenstein, South Korea, Italy, Japan, Austria, Ireland, The Vatican, Brunei, Germany, Netherlands, Sweden, Greece, Iceland, and Singapore and for expats that have GCC residency elswhere within the gulf, -this process is quite easy and normally takes only a few minutes. For others, your hotel will be able to prearrange your Visa and a hotel booking is required. Contact your hotel for more information.

Q: Will I need to bring that dry suit or will my 7mm wet suit be fine? A: The waters are quite warm. In winter, a 3mm suit should suffice for most. In summer, lycra body suits are more than enough! Dry Suits and thick wetsuits are not needed!


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