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Q-Dive is the representative for Sherwood Scuba Equipment in Qatar. Sherwood Scuba, a California-based company, has been satisfying divers for over three decades with “Simply Reliable” scuba gear.  Drawing from a foundation based on developing superior valves and regulators for industrial and medical applications, Sherwood rapidly gained recognition as an industry leader for superior innovative scuba valves and regulators.

Sherwood has carried its design philosophy through to other products that now include precision dive computers, advance technology fins and masks, and functionally elegant buoyancy compensators.  All are products that have been developed to make the diving experience easier and more enjoyable.

The Sherwood Group product development team is comprised of divers that understand what it is like to use uncomplicated, dependable gear.  This design philosophy and manufacturing commitment has guided Sherwood in providing hearty products that are the choice of professionals the world over.  Ask one, and you will hear “Simply Reliable”.

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