1. Umm Said/Old Club Reef - A man-made reef thanks to local dive clubs. Located at the end of a the road between the Q-Chem fenceline and the Sealine resort. There are several vehicles, buses, a pickup and some small boats as well several piles of metal/etc. This is a favorite local dive. This shore dive has easy entry and depths are from about 14-16 meters. Hamour are seen regularly as are blue angel fish (they love bananas), and other small local fish. Occasionally barracuda appear to liven things up. GPS Coordinates are: 24° 52.189' E 051° 31,84' (map coming soon)

2. Umm Said/New Club Reef - A man-made reef located past sealine resort. Follow the side of Sealine Resort and then drive to the sea (300 meters). Follow the shore for a short while and you come to a large dune. Drive past the dune and stop immediately. (4WD required and watch your tide tables so you are not trapped by high tides as there will be no-way out in this case!) There is a man-made reef here and the marine life is similar to that at the Old Club Reef. Occassionally there are bat fish and puffers here as well as rays. This site is also a legacy of the hard work local dive clubs and divers have put in. (coming soon)

3. Inland Sea/New Qatar Govt. Ministry Site (coming soon)

4. M-O Wreck - The "M.O." is a wreck at approximately 25 meters. It is located approximately 100 kilometers from Doha and located out past the drilling platforms for those familiar with the area. (coming soon)

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